Monsters Ate My Metropolis Hack and Cheats

Monsters Ate My Metropolis Hack Cheats & Tricks

Monsters Ate My Metropolis hacks

Our Monsters Ate My Metropolis Hack has been fully [proved by our programmers with the newest Monsters Ate My Metropolis version!

Hack Features:

# Add Pack 2 discount
# Add Pack 1 Discount
# Add Pack 3
# Add Pack 3 Discount
# Add Pack 4
# Add Pack 2
# Add Pack 4 Discount
# Add Pack 1

How to use Monsters Ate My Metropolis Hack (open for iOS and Android):

  1. Download the hack – downlaod link is located below
  2. Run Monsters Ate My Metropolis Hack
  3. Pick out yours device type: iOS (iPhone / iPad) or Android
  4. Your device must be connected with USB cable and you need to wait until ‘Connected’ status will be displayed
  5. Pick out Monsters Ate My Metropolis Cheats features which you would like to turn on
  6. Press start and wait for a while
  7. Experience freshly hacked game!
  8. Leave a comment if you have any doubts!

File Update Time:


Remember to download the file again if you have any problems!

Monsters Ate My Metropolis is an exceptionally colorful and vibrant card game. Dispensing with too much focus on the cards, you’ll find yourself destroying cities with the help of lumbering kaiju. It’s a great concept for a game but its execution suffers from a few issues right now.
Learning the game is fairly easy, although mastering it is another matter. You assemble a deck of cards then are dealt three each turn. You pick out which card to use based on its power and element, before unleashing it against your opponent and hoping for the best. You can boost how things go through completing a brief mini game that tends to involve you either tapping frantically or timing one tap just right. Each attack builds a meter which can eventually lead to you unleashing a mega attack on your enemy’s city.
It’s a simple concept but you can expand upon that through acquiring new cards or feeding old ones to your monster to make it grow and develop. It’s not going to take you long to understand what’s expected of you here.

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